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Introduction to the 7 Day Film Course

What does it take to Make a Low or Micro-Budget Short or Feature Film that gets seen by a Worldwide Audience.  

  1. Knowledge 
  2. Mentorship 
  3. Deadline 
  4. Just do it. 

This Course will clearly outline to you what is involved in Making a  Film whether it is a 10 minute short Film or a 90 Minute Feature  Film. The  Course goal is that you will know what steps you need to take to Start Your Film Production as soon as this course is over.   

At the End of this short course, you will have your roadmap clearly marked out and your strategy in place to Make Your Own Film that gets into Film Festivals and Gets Seen Online Around the World.

A good example is our movie Tabernacle 101.  On IMDB it has a $3 Million Budget. And yes we feel the Production Value for our Film is $3 Million. The Reality is this.

Our Cash Budget was US $50K  and we did not have any of  the cash budget in place, two months out from our First Film Shoot. We just went ahead and made it and let the small amount of money find it’s way to us over the 18 months of production. 

That is the beauty of making a short film or feature film. You do not need any money when you start. All you need is cash-flow over the period of production. When there is a will, there is always a way. 

Tabernacle 101 has won Ten Best Film Awards and being selected in 24 International  Film Festivals. Getting into Film Festivals itself takes an effort. Most Film Festivals have at least 1000 -2000 entries and they usually have 50 – 100 slots to show movies. 

The Film has a highly sought after Distributor in Los Angeles who has us on Major Streamers in the US such as Amazon Prime, Google Pay and Roku. We are also are distributed on DVD Blue Ray in major American Stores Please see Trailer Here

You can watch  Tabernacle 101 “Premium” a film made with students from our film course.  It is the updated 2021 version and is the only available via Vimeo on Demand currently. 

You can make your Film Now. 
It is only a matter of committing to making the film.  The very first thing to do is set a Deadline for your Shoot. 

When are you going to Shoot your Film?  We recommend maximum three months from Day One from creating the Idea to shooting a 10 Minute Short Film. Notice I stress Shooting. Not completing. It will take another three months to post-produce your film.

For A Micro Budget Feature 90 minute Film it should be a maximum of Six Months from Day one (creation of Idea) to  First Day of Shooting.  

Anything else is Procrastination.  Once the shoot is over a further 2.5 months on Post Production for Short Film and 6- 9 Months For a Feature Film is the maximum amount of time needed. 

The above schedule is for Quality and is not a Speedo Gonzales approach. What is outlines here, is a meticulous and fastidious approach that pays off with a great film 

This course will show you how you could make a film and what you need to do to make it and get it seen by a worldwide audience. At the end of the course, you can decide what you want to do.  

This Course is to help potential emerging  or experienced Filmmakers or Beginners overview the work involved in Making a Film. 

Whether you are making your First Short Film or your First Feature Film or if you are an experienced filmmaker making another film, this inexpensive Indie Film Course will show you the Road Map and what you will need to do 

Look at Trailer for the Course Film – Tabernacle 101. 

When starting out it is important to consider the following Steps

Step One: Spend as Little Money as possible and use every resource you have, when making your first films.  

Step Two:
it helps if you have multiple filmmaking skills in your toolbox. 

Example  Writing the Script and also Editing your own Film. 

Having these two skills saves you so much money and angst in the process of making films. These Particular Skills we teach on our Flagship 5 Month Film Course.   


You need the Right Mindset:  Do you feel excited about making a film that gets seen all around the world either in Film Festivals or Online.? 

I always suggest the following goals.

Short 10 Minute Film GOAL   — 20 International Film Festivals – 4 Awards –
One Million People. watch your film online.
You might think this is an impossible Goal. Think again. We have seen this happen frequently. 

90  Minute Feature Film —- 20 International Film Festivals – 5 Awards – 10 Million People or More watch your feature Film around the World. 

There is one number that you need to specify. 
The Eyeball Goal for your Film.  What is the Eyeball Goal.  

This is the number of people that will see your film in its lifetime. 

For your Short Film you might set the Eyeball Goal at One Million People or more . 

Your Feature Film , you could set the eyeball goal at 10 Million or more or even a 100 million or more. This means the amount of people who watch your film, your creation 

Make it exciting and way more than you could imagine.  This will drive your work. Set the goal and you will always get a much bigger audience. Set a tiny goal and no one but your family will watch it. 

What if my film only achieves half the eyeball goal?
Only 500,000 people watched my film in year one and not a million.”
  I hear some of my students saying.
Please take the glass half full approach and not the glass half empty approach.

You have had great success.  Think of a hundred thousand  people in a stadium. The crowd looks huge and then 5 times that crowd have watched your Film. Come on That is amazing.

And it is only Year One. That will possibly happen again in Year Two with the same film. You are getting noticed.  And you get into 20 Film Festivals.

Aim Big and see where you end up. It will be much further than if you Aim Small. 

You can do the above provided you have the following: 

    • Mindset to Make a Film —>  Now over the next Four Months.
      You need to have a clear and present goal that you want to achieve. The Goal is this. Make and Complete a Ten Minute Short Film in Five Months
      The Goal is this Make and Complete a 90 Minute Feature Film in 18 Months . And in both cases you want to Get your film seen worldwide in Film Festivals and Online by millions of people. 
    • Mentorship —-> You will need mentorship from experienced filmmakers. Otherwise, you will end up lost. You can find a very successful filmmaker and ask them for advise.
    • Or even better you can join the Flagship Sydney or Melbourne  Four Month Filmmaking Course, whose sole goal is to guide you from the beginning with a Story Idea to a completed Ten Minute Film. You actually work on a Ten Minute Short Film for Real as part of the 4 Month Film Course and you can keep your day job. 

    • Money  How much do you need. We will show you how to Make your Film for the least amount of Money. T

You will need a Filmmakers Mindset , Mentorship and a small amount of money that can be cash flowed as you shoot. 

What should I make?  The Question every beginner or Emerging Filmmaker asks.

Here is my advise but of course you can decide to start where ever you want to. 

  • Absolute Beginner   Make a Simple Short Film  with 1 – 2K Budget that gets into festivals and gets seen online. Learn the Process over the next six months. Enrol on the Six Month Course to get yourself to the next level.
  • Emerging Filmmaker who has made one or two short films: Make a more challenging Short Film. Likewise
  • Experienced  Short Filmmaker Never Made a Feature
    Make a well made  Feature Film that gets seen in Film Festivals.
  • Experience Filmmaker – Go for it Make a Great Feature Film that gets you to the next Level. You win Multiple Film Festivals and get seen by millions around the world. 

In all of the above four cases, you will have the  Flagship Five Month Course to support you. It will make producing and directing your film so much easier and save you thousands of $ on your production. 

in Summary, Get the above organised. That is your goal and your mindset.  Do not worry if you have no money. It will arrive. provided you commit to Making the Film.   

Decide now and once for all that I am going to Make A Film  starting today and completing on a Set Date. Say to yourself ‘I am a Filmmaker and I will Now Make Films starting today. 

The Eight Pillars of Every Completed Film is as follows.

  1. Screenplay:  Create and Write Your Screenplay
  2. Cast:  Organise a Casting and Cast the best actors available.  
  3. Crew:    Find the best available Crew 
  4. Locations:  Source the best Locations and Make them look Great. 
  5. Film Equipment; Buy or Rent Film equipment for your Shoot
  6. The Shoot: —- Organise and Execute a Great Shoot
  7. Post Production:  – Editing – Colouring – Sound Track – Music Titles
  8. Audience:  Get officially selected in Film Festivals Win Best Film Awards and get Distributed worldwide attracting a huge audience.

Our Flagship Sydney or Melbourne  Four Month Filmmaking teaches the above in detail and supports you as you make your film.  Please go to the next lesson. 


Your Film Instructor - Colm O'Murchu

Colm O’Murchu is a successful Indie  Filmmaker and Director of three successfully released feature films and one documentary.

He has run Independent Film Central since 1997 and helped filmmakers produce hundreds of short films made on his filmmaking courses.

He has spoken at Indie Film Seminars all over the world. His most recent film Tabernacle 101 has been released in 2020. He is currently in development on his next feature film Absolute Freedom and Generational Theft.

Phone 1 (800) 131166

Website  Australian Film Base Go Here 

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