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Melbourne Advanced Film School

Creating the Film Directors and Producers of Tomorrow 

ADVANCED 4 MONTH FILM COURSE Starts Saturday 3rd September 2022

Course Venue: Flinders Street Melbourne

It is Colm O’Murchu from Australian Film Base. Thank you for considering the 4 Month Advanced Film Course starting Saturday 3rd September – 
What happens from here? 
  1. Firstly, check the Pricing below so you know the cost. 
  2. To Proceed to interview stage, please email back on this email your interest
  3. We will contact you back within 24 hours, Monday – Friday
  4. After Successful interview, you pay the deposit and you are enrolled. 
This is a very selective course and an amazing course where the focus is on making a Film Festival Winner and quality film.  
We will take a Maximum of 10 People 

4 Month Advanced Film Course  
 Saturday 3rd September – Thursday 6th September 

Option One Least Expensive

  • You pay $795 Deposit when enrolling  IN NEXT FIVE DAYS
  • You pay $800 on the First night of the Film Course
  • Total Fee you pay $1595     

Option Two – Payment Plan over 3 Months  

  • 3 x Payments of $598 starting when you are offered a place
  • Make First instalment  of $598 when enrolling 
  • Following Two Instalments exactly one month apart. 
  • $200 More Expensive 
To Book an Interview and Go to the next Step  

Best Regards Colm O’Murchu  Director Australian Film Base

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