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  1. Creating the Film Directors and Producers of Tomorrow 

  2. Screenwriting – How to Write a Screenplay.

  3. Casting – How to Cast a Movie

  4. Technical Training  Camera Lights and Sound Training

  5. Preproduction and Producing
  6. Shooting a 10 minute Movie ( Actual Real Shoot)

  7. Postproduction Editing the film  Colour Grading –
    Sound & Music – Finished Film

  8. Getting Work in the Film industry

  9. Planning your Film Career

  10. Plus Make a Film on the 5 Month Film School 

Colm O'Murchu- Director

Colm founded Australian Film Base in 1997 and has since taught emerging filmmakers to make professional films. Colm has guided and instructed over the years on 175 short films made. His new film Tabernacle 101 has just been released theatrically in the USA and ia available on Amazon Prime, Google Play and Apple TV. With a wealth of film teaching and film making experience Colm O’Murchu is one of the very best film instructors. Main Focus: Casting & Directing

Our most Recent Multi Award Winning Feature Film - Tabernacle 101 - Made with Course Graduates

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