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Course Content Times &  Dates - Session by Session

Starting Thursday 10th October - George Street Chippendale ( Next to Central Train Station) Sydney

This will also be a real 10 -12 minute film production and at the end of 3 Months  you will have worked on and created a 10 – 12 minute movie 

      • We teach you, step by step, the process of scripting shooting casting and crewing and directing a 10 minute short film.  
      • You will also learn toedit and colour, source your music and finish your film professionally. 
      • You will learn the technical side of filmmaking, how to operate cameras and record professional location sound. 
      • You will know exactly what to do, to make your own personal film professionally, that will attract film festivals and will make you into a Film Director and Producer 
      • You will have  ongoing support from Australian Film Base with after film course support, gear supply and shoot help and work opportunities. 

Module One: Learn How to write a great story & screenplay:

Thursday 10th October  2019 – 6.30pm – 9.30pm

  • Introductions of the  People on the Course and the Teacher
  • The Film Production and the excitement of producing and making the film.
  • 3 Months From tonight to completion of the Film.
  • How to format a script – this is an essential so as to present a professional script, when you make your own films
  • Which Software to use and how to get it for Free saving you $200
  • How to become good at writing screenplays and what you have to do
  • The Film Shots and what they are called – this is essential for the Film Director to understand 

Tuesday Night – 17th October  2019 – 6.30pm – 9.30pm

Story Invention Workshop: In this session we create the Story for the Film Production. We show you exactly how to create a story that grabs the audience.

  • Story Ideas Brainstorm and Generation
  • High Stakes Strong Objective
  • Adding Conflict to your story
  • The Improvisation Technique
  • Scene by Scene Breakdown

RESULT: By 9.30pm we will have developed an eight minute short film story that you can now write a screenplay for. 
Voluntary Homework:Write the first draft script of the story.

Module Two: Learn How to use Professional Film Equipment

Thursday Night 22nd October  6.30pm – 9.30pm

  • How to set upa Casting
  • The importance of casting for the success of your film.
  • Good Actors versus bad actors
  • Mobile phone shooting
  • What extras you need for your mobile phone, to be effective
  • Shoot a demo scene. 

Tuesday Night – 31st October  2019 – 6.30pm – 9.30pm

 You will learn how to operate a Professional Camera and shoot a scene

  • Tour of Film Equipment  
  • Black Magic Camera  and Lenses and Tripod 
  • Prime lenses  – 13mm – 28 mm 36 mm 70 mm
  • How to balance a Fluid Head Tripod
  • How to focus effectively using a Focus Chart
  • How to get the best F Stop
  • How to use the Zebra
  • How to frame a shot beautifully
  • How to pan and tilt
  • When to use Prime Lenses and when to use Zoom Lens

The Session will end with shooting a scene with 3 different Camera Shots.

Tuesday Night – 7th November – 6.30pm – 9.30pm6.30pm – 7.30pm

Setting up the Casting: We show you how we get the best Actors in town to the Casting.

7.30pm – 9.30pm

The Sound Session: Tonight we train you in how to use Professional Sound Equipment. How to use the Boom Pole

  • We get you to use all the Sound Equipment
  • The Shotgun Microphone
  • The Wind Sock
  • The Foam Sock
  • The Pistol Grip
  • The Boom Pole
  • Wireless Transmitters and Receivers
  • Lapel Microphones
  • XLR Inputs on the Camera and why they are so important
  • Setting the right sound levels
  • How to record top class Professional Sound 

Tuesday Night 14th November  6.30pm – 10pm

The Lighting Session: You learn to use all of the Lighting and Gaffer Equipment

  • The Film Lights: Dedos and Redheads x 6
  • Gels
  • Blacks
  • Cutters
  • Spun
  • Scrim
  • Reflectors
  • How to three point light a film set

Module Three:  Casting Locations and Preparing to shoot Preproduction.

Tuesday Night 19th November– 6.30pm – 9.30pm

Casting Night – Real Live Auditions with Real Actors – Fun

  • Work on the Casting of Actors
  • Set up the Lights and Camera and operate them
  • Use the Lapel Microphone on the actors auditioning
  • Every 10 minutes an actor is scheduled for the casting
  • Course participants get to direct the actors in the casting

You will learn an invaluable skill.  You will  know how to cast a film effectively by doing it for real. This is a favourite session, as one learns how to pick the best actors from the audition.

Thursday Night 21st November   6.30pm – 9.30pmFinalising Locations for the Film Shoot

  • All Final Production issues are addressed
  • How to Prepare a Schedule and a Call Sheet
  • Working with Actors and how to Direct Actors

Tonight you will learn all about final preproduction for a film shoot.

Tuesday Night  –  26th November   2019  – 6.30pm – 9.30pm  

Final Shoot Preparations: How to prepare for shooting

  • How to do a shot list
  • What a storyboard is
  • Actors Wardrobe Finalised
  • Rehearsals with the Actors from 7.35pm

Tonight you will complete all the preparations and the preproduction for the movie that you will shoot now. You will also learn how to rehearse actors.

Module Four:  The  Three Day Shoot –  On Real Location Learn how to shoot a Movie by doing it for real.

Saturday 30th November   8am – 6pm    On Location: Shoot Day One 

Today you will work as a crew member on a real film. Every person revolves through the 10 Person Crew roles over the three shooting days. A designated time is allotted for each crew role.

Director & Crew Roles for the Film Shoot that you will do:

  1. Director
  2. DOP
  3. Focus Puller
  4. Clapper
  5. Sound Recordist
  6. Boom Swinger
  7. Gaffer
  8. Grips
  9. Continuity
  10. Make up


Tuesday Night    –   3rd December 30pm – 9.30pm  Edit Session 1
Learn to Use Adobe Premiere Pro Editing Software. 

You actually learn to  edit, by editing the short film over the next four sessions.

  • Adobe Premier Pro.
  • How to organise footage
  • How to sync the footage
  • Watching rushes


Saturday 7th December  – 8am – 6pm  : Shoot Day Two On Location

Today you will work as a crew member, as a Director and as a DOP  on a real film. Every person revolves through the 10 Person Crew roles over the three shooting days. A designated time is allotted for each crew role. This is 100% hands-on practical.

Director  & Crew Roles for the Film Shoot that you will do:

  1. Director
  2. DOP
  3. Focus Puller
  4. Clapper
  5. Sound Recordist
  6. Boom Swinger
  7. Gaffer
  8. Grips
  9. Continuity
  10. Make up

 Sunday Shoot Day Three –  8th December  – 8am – 6pm

Shoot Day Three: The Film Shoot on Location 61 Hours completedToday the Crew shoot on their own. You will work as a crew member on a real film. Every person revolves through the 10 Person Crew roles over the three shooting days. A designated time is allotted for each crew role. This is 100% hands-on practical.


Module Five:  Postproduction – Editing and Sound Post

Thursday Night 5th December    – 6.30pm – 9.30pm  Edit Day two

You learn to edit  the movie, on Adobe Premiere Pro, scene by scene. Editing continues  on the film.
You will learn how a film is edited and how to make the film look and sound professional.

  • We edit the film
  • How to edit the material into a complete scene
  • You learn to edit
  • You actually edit the film on Adobe Premiere Pro

Please note that editing and colouring is a very valuable skill to learn. There is plenty of work for very good editors in the film business. Postproduction has the most jobs.

Tuesday Night 10th December  – 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Edit Night Three

  • Colouring the film to make the film look great.
  • Music and how to use Stock Sites to source your music.
  • Adding music to your film
  • Credits and Titles
  • Preparing for Sound Mix
  • You actually edit the film on Adobe Premiere Pro


Sound Post Thursday 12th December 6.30pm – 9.30pm

Sound Pos and Music mix Session. 

  • How to clean up dialogue
  • Where to place Sound Effects
  • Sourcing the Best Possible Music for your Film. 

This is a wonderful final technical session where the course participant learns the importance of Sound and sees the film in its near completed phase for the first time with music and sound track.


Module Six: Making Film Pay and Future Directions 
How to become a Film Maker making a living and working on Passion Projects


Thursday  Night 19th December   –  6 pm – 10p m  The Final Night

  • How to create your future filmmaking career.
  • How the film industry employs and how you can get work in the film industry.
  • Making your Indie Films after the course.
  • How you can make it happen with our help.
  • Independent Film Club and how it works
  • Screening of the Finished Film
  • “Film Directors Certificate” Presentation.
  • Social Mixer and Celebration



  1. Indie  Film Club Meetings  after 3 Month Film Course to network and find new film projects
  2. Numerous Film Productions that mushroom from Indie Film Club
  3. Advanced Course & Premium Film Production Course for Work and Career.
  4. Opportunities at Australian Film Base
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