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1. Advanced Courses 

2. Consultations & Mentoring

3  Gear Hire

4. Professional Support

5. . Indie Film Club

6. Film Shoot Packages ( All the Gear You Need) 

7 Further Training 

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Colm O'Murchu

Teaches in Sydney. Melbourne Opening night & Closing night Colm founded Australian Film Base in 1997 and has since taught emerging filmmakers to make professional films. Colm has guided and instructed over the years on 175 short films. He is currently completing production on Tabernacle 101 his new movie set for worldwide release in 2019. With a wealth of film teaching and filmmaking experience, Colm O’Murchu is one of the very best film instructors.​

Sean Smith - Melbourne Only

Sean Smith is a fanatical Film Maker. His communication skills and teaching skills are of the highest calibre. He is currently in production on his own feature film. He teaches most of the course in Melbourne

Jack Kelly - Sydney Only

Jack is a highly experienced cinematographer. He has worked on countless short films helping filmmakers make exceptional films. He has a detailed knowledge of the technical aspect of shooting movies. He takes the technical classes in Sydney.


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