Melbourne 5 Month Film Making & Directing Film School

5 Month Filmmaking & Directing School Information

  1. Starts Thursday 6th July 2023 at 6.30pm
  2. Any Phone Inquires please call 1800 131166
  3. Please see the very important pages listed as Buttons. It will give you all the Film School Information and Fees  for the Five Month Film School 

Former Graduates Testify


Central Melbourne Location

Enrolments Open – 14 PLACES TOTAL 

  • Time to Socialise and Work with other People again on the 5 Month Film School 
  • Learn to Make Your Movie by actually working on and making a 10 minute movie during the film course
  • Melbourne Tuesday Nights & Some Saturdays
  • Keep the Day Job and learn as much as you would full time.
  • Learn to use professional Film Equipment – supplied
  • 3 Day Real Shoot on Locations & on Film Set
  • Reliability: We have taught filmmaking courses for 25 years in Melbourne.
  • We teach you on the Ursa Black Magic Camera, with professional Location Sound Equipment
  • Learn Casting & Directing Actors on Set
  • Learn  how to write a professional screenplay
  • You will make and crew on an actual film production shot on location over 3 Saturdays 
  • Learn to produce and prepare your shoot
  • Learn to Edit and Colour on Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Learn to Colour on DaVinci
  • Learn to source the best music & sound design your film
  • Highest Standards and Quality Training on our 4 Month Film Course
  • Learn Film Directing with Film Directors Certificate on last night
  • Learn from a Film Production Company. 
  • Email:
  • Or Phone for information/enrolments  1800131166


1 800 131166

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