3 Day Micro-Budget Feature Film Seminar Workshop

Make Your Micro Budget Feature Film Get It Seen Around the World

Enrolments Open   Limited places –  5 Places Left 

Friday 28th February Saturday 29th February Sunday March 1st  2020 Melbourne 

Outcome Objective:
This is the Melbourne 3 Day Micro-Budget Feature Film Production Workshop- Seminar where you learn how to make your micro budget feature film happen this year and then find the best Distributor Sales Agent and gain the widest worldwide audience around the world.

You will make your Action Plan this weekend for your 90  minute  feature film and also a marketing plan to get your film to the widest possible audience, once done. 

  • Melbourne – Flinders Street CBD
  • Friday 28th February, Saturday29th February,  Sunday 1st March 
  • Workshop your own project step by step over the weekend, Start Now.
  • Learn how to get a cinema release in the USA
  • Reliability: We have taught filmmaking courses for 21 years in Sydney. We have also produced movies via International Film Base for 20 years
  • Casting for  Low budget Feature Films. How do to do them  for virtually Free
  • How to Create the Low Budget Feature Film Contract that makes your Cast and Crew shareholders
  • Using the Pay out of First Dollar Technique
  • How to Schedule your Film, into manageable 5 Part Units. This is so important.  
  • Learn to produce and prepare your shoot
  • Which Editing Software to Use an Get it for Free. Big Saving. 
  • Learn to source the best music & sound design for your film,
  • Network on the Weekend.  Make new friends to collaborate with on your future Feature Films. 
  • Pricing/ Fees, Course Dates,& Content Please go here

Tabernacle 101 Trailer $50K Budget - 98 Minute Movie

Colm O'Murchu - The Presenter

Tabernacle 101Website Go Here        Colm’s Previous Films  Go Here

Colm O'Murchu is an expert in producing micro-budget feature films. Colm has just completed Tabernacle 101, his new 98 minute movie released theatrically in the US in September 2019. and now on Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Google Play. He is now at the coalface of low budget filmmaking and getting your audience out to the world. Colm previous feature film credits are the romcom The Makeover and Dealing with Destiny. Australian Film Base in 1997 and has since taught emerging filmmakers to make professional films. Colm has guided and instructed over the years on 175 short films made.

Outcome One - Get your Film Made

Learn how to Greenlight and get your 90 minute Feature Film seen

Outcome Two - Build your Network

Meet other exciting Filmmakers keen to make Feature Films

Outcome Three Make Money -

Find your Sales Agents and make sure you get your film seen by millions

3 Day Seminar- Workshop Outline – Melbourne

Day 1 Friday - 28th February 2020 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Over the 3 days. you will  workshop either your own feature film project or a hypothetical project.  It is great to collaborate with one or two other people. Alternatively, you can work on your own. You can work on your own project script or idea  or on  a hypothetical project using our Tabernacle 101 script. Objectives are as follows. 

Financing & Making Your Micro Budget Movie Happen.
Your Plan Locked Down Today

        • Design your Finance strategy
        • The 500K Budget Model 
        • Using the Producers Offset: 40 % of  your Budget is right here
        •  $50K Budget Model:  Anyone can do this one. 
        • The Frist Dollar Split Model
        • Create your Schedule Break your script down into The Rule of Five Shoots

Day 2 Saturday -29th February 2020 10am - 5pm

The Essentials for the Production These can non be missed. 

Making your film Great; 

  • Go Professional Go 100% 
  • Locations -Finding Awesome locations for a Song. Settling only for the very best locations 
  • The Essential Gear that you need for your Film including Drones and Steadicam
  • Design your Casting Strategy. Finding the best and essential Crew.  They need to be stellar. 
  • Finding the Best Cast Do weeks in this area and spread your net wide. 
  • The Production Management Team: The  3 essential people making the film happen
  • All the freebies for the Micro Budget Filmmaker 
  • Design your Crew Strategy 
  • Design your locations and Gear Strategy. 
  • Design your Post Production Strategy 
  • Lock down your Shoot Dates. 

Day 3 Sunday - 1st March 2020 10am - 4pm

The Audience and the return
The Film Market and finding the audience

Design your Film Distribution Strategy: 
Your plan locked down today

        • Film Festival Strategy – Pros and Cons  
        • The Streaming Wars and how that impacts you
        • Film Markets and how they operate – AFM & Cannes
        • Predatory Sales Agents / Distributors- You need to know about these and avoid them
        • Good Sales Agents and how to find them. 
        • Film Distributors and how they operate 
        • Cinema Release in the USA  – Yes you can make this happen
        • Getting on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes Rating
        • Building your Audience and why it is so important
        • Social Network Mixer – Make Creative Collaborations

Tabernacle 101 - Trailer for our New Film - Worldwide Release October 2019

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