Lesson Seven Where to From Here? The Best Way to Succeed

This is the final lesson.

Finding your audience is a key component for any successful filmmaker today.As I have run filmmaking courses for 20 years now, I have totally worked out who will make films after the film course completes.  

On our, 4 Month Film Courses,  we always make a 10 minute film. We always say that we teach filmmaking by actually making a film on our film course.

This helps virtual beginners or emerging more experienced filmmakers make a film now.  But how do you make your film happen now? 

Here are the key components that help get your Film Made.

  1. Deadlines.   This is the number one key in any film production. For example on our

Set up a schedule and stick to your deadlines.
This increases the success rate of seeing your film made dramatically. It will happen

  1. Mentorship or Guidance.
    Having an experienced hand helping you get your film made is a great help. I realise that this is a great challenge for people who do not know anyone 
    The Opportunity is Now

    On our 4 Month Filmmaking Courses we are the experienced hand helping the  inexperienced getting their films made.

    The 4 Month Flagship Film Course will take care of this problem and challenge. 

    This will solve the big problem of finding a mentor or experienced filmmaker to guide you.  We will be i

It is never about the money.

It is about the deadline and making  a shoot happen. Once you learn this you will always make your films happen when you want to make them.

I read this morning about a Film called “Coda” had sold fo $25 Million at the Sundance Film Festival. There is still plenty of money to be made on movies.

While I currently write this, it is June 2021. Yet there is a record deal for an arthouse drama film about a kid who has to look after his deaf  family and help them with their fishing.

Apple Studios bought the film for $25 Million.
From Variety Industry Bible
“The victory followed a bidding war that, according to nearly a dozen sources who spoke to Variety, revealed much about Hollywood’s priorities, cashflow and boundaries in this moment of streaming disruption and pandemic chaos.

It also encapsulated the way that the old indie film business, one that relies on box office performance and television licensing, is being subsumed by the rise of streaming services that aren’t as dependent on those totems of success are changing.

Do you want to get out there and make a film now that could lead to the top of Hollywood. Dream big because it could be you. “

Dream big and you never know what might happen you

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  The Road Map Below for Getting Your Film Made

Q1  Have you worked out the synopsis for your Film Story.
A synopsis summarised your story in two – three sentences.

Answer Here or on your computer

Q 2  Do you want to Make this Film this Year?   Yes? NO?

Q3  Are you excited about Your Film being officially selected in International Film Festivals around the world and seen by a Million or More People or more around the q 3 World. Yes?   NO?

Q4 Would you like to add to your Toolbox. Learn how to Edit your film  Learn how to write your screenplay,  learn how to produce and direct your film. Would you like to get your film made properly and get the film to an audience    Yes?    No?

Q5  Have you Set a Deadline  For  Script Completion  Shooting and Completion of the Film

        Start Date:     Creation of the Story    ___________

        Shoot Date     First Day of Shooting – Last Day of Shooting _______

       Postproduction and Film Completion  Date      _________

If you are struggling with the above questions and feel you need mentorship and training and knowledge to make your film great , enrol on the Four Month Filmmaking Course and you will learn to make your film properly.  You will also save thousands of dollars producing your film. 

Q6  Have you found a successful Filmmaker that you personally know and that will give up his or her time to mentor you on your film?   Yes or N

If the Answer is No, you can get the same if not better  benefit by enrolling on  the Four Month Filmmaking Course in Melbourne 

On the Four Month Filmmaking Course, you learn how to Make a Film step by step and via actually working on and making a group Short Film Everyone gets to Direct and Produce.

If all you want to do is learn Filmmaking in detail with the hope of making your film later, the Four Months Filmmaking Course will be great for you and you can bank that knowledge to when you are ready. 

Also, you will meet 12 other people plus our Filmmaker Instructors on the film course creating a film network. 

Also you will get to work with all the Professional Gear that is itemised in this free course and learn how to use it. 

This way you can decide how you can access the gear in the future either via hiring us on after course film projects at an amazing rate or  buying the gear yourself. 

If you Want to learn about filmmaking now and Work and Direct on an organised film production as part of our 4 Month Filmmaking Course,  Go Here for Details 

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