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How will I benefit from attending the 3 Month Filmmaking Course?

After you graduate with the Film Directors Certificate, you will have the blueprint and knowledge to produce and make your own 10 minute film. You will have learnt how to make your film professional.

You will have gained valuable new skills in film editing on Adobe Premiere Pro. You will have learned how to colour your own film and source music.

You will have learnt how to cast you film. You will have learnt how to organise a shoot. You will have learnt how to shoot for 4 Days on location getting all the necessary shots and performance from real actors.

These are some of the benefits of the Film Course. 

Do I need Film Equipment?

All Film Equipment is supplied by Australian Film Base. This includes the amazing Black Magic Designs Ursa Camera, professional sound and light equipment and grips equipment. Do not buy equipment till you have attended the technical training sessions.

You will clearly know what to buy at that point. . Many people rent film equipment rather than buying film equipment. As you will be a past graduate, after three months, you will be entitled to a special discount on rentals from Australian Film Base along with a DOP. 

How long have you been in business?

22 Years. The First Film Course was presented by Colm O’Murchu in May 1997 and has remained continuous since then. We are a quality. We train people in how to make films the right way. 

Hundreds of short films have been produced on our Film Courses.  So many people who have started their film careers with us, have gone on to work successfully in the film business

Why do you only take 12 people per course?

This is the best number for a Hands On Film Course where you are dealing with film equipment and a shoot. We do not take more as we want the course to be quality. Our film course is based on quality not quantity and the objective is to train you into making films professionally. 

Is the course social? Will I get to know people on the film course?

The Film Course is very social. You will get to know everyone well

Our teachers regularly organise a social mixer after the film course where you can socialise with everyone in nearby bar. This is voluntary.

By the nature of the film shoot and preparation, you will also get to know everyone really well. We find people stay friends with each other for years afterwards, collaborating on future film projects, completing them and submitting to film festivals. 

Also after the film course concludes, we have Indie Film Club where people who have attended previous film courses socialise and network.

We have a speaker and people get to pitch their film projects. This keeps you meeting new people from different courses.

One of our members originally did the film course in 2001.  We frequently have members attend as professional speakers from previous film courses.

Do I get to make my own film?

On the 3 Month Film Course, everyone gets to write a screenplay for the film.

Everyone gets to edit their own version of the 10- minute film. Everyone gets the chance to source music for the film. Everyone gets a say in who is cast for the film. Everyone gets to colour their film

Everyone gets to do the various crew roles on the film set including directing, DOP and Sound Recordist.. Only one Film is made total on the 3 Month Film Course. But there can be up to 12 different versions of the film. 

Everyone gets to write version and edit a version of the film. We do one film properly, so you learn effectively. You also get to revolve around all the key roles, Director, DOP, Sound Recordist

If you want to make your own high standard passionate 10-minute film, please complete your screenplay as the course proceeds. Once the Film Course Shoot completes, you can then proceed to make your own film soon after. 

After the 3 Month Film Course, we have the Advanced Course and the Advanced Premium Production Course Support.  You must be a graduate of the 3 Month Filmmaking Course to qualify. 

When do I get the certificate? Will I get a Credit on the Course short Film

You must have good attendance at the 3 Month film course and you must be present on days of shooting and be present on the last night of the film course. If this is the case, you will receive the Film Directors Certificate on the last night of the 3 Month Film Course.

All people, who successfully complete the Three month film course, are credited as Directors on the film. This will be your first important credit. This is what builds film careers.

Who are the Teachers.

All our film teachers are active filmmakers. This means you are learning off active filmmakers who are out there making their own movies are working as DOP or Sound Designer on professional films. 

It is best to learn off Film Teachers who are actually filmmakers. You can see the list of our film teachers on this link

Will the filmmaking course help me get work in the film industry?

Yes it is the very first important step. While you may not get work directly after the 4 Month Filmmaking Course, you will be on the way. We have plenty of work particularly in editing and colouring and we have employed many people from past film courses on a contract basis. 

Of course, one has to show talent and commitment to qualify. For the determined, work will happen for that person provided they commit to the steps needed. We currently have people working with us who originally started at our Film Course. 

Please read the following article on getting work in the film business. This gives you the process step by step of how you go about getting from where you are today to working in the film industry.


Yes, you will be able to make your own films after the 3 Month Film Course.

Over three months, you will have experienced and learnt the process to make a movie. This will be done by actually making a film on the film course. This is the best way to learn. 

Provided you commit and follow the steps learnt on the 3 Month Film Course, you will be making (producing & directing) your very own films after the film course.  I

The way to become an advanced quality filmmaker is to produce and direct your own films, using the step by step process learnt and practically done on the  3 Month Film Course  A Filmmaker loves to make films.

 We have so many previous film course students both working in the film industry and making their own passion films

Does Australian Film Base produce Movies?

Yes we do. We are an active Production company with our Movie production wing International Film Base.  We are currently releasing our new movie Tabernacle 101, our one hour 39 minutes movie, due for worldwide. Cinema Release on 30thAugust 2019 followed by VOD on multiple platforms worldwide, DVD and Blue Ray release in the USA.  Please see information here on our new movie. 

Should I go for the Cheapest Course or the Quality Film Course?

Always go for quality

When you go for the best filmmaking course, you will attract the very training and opportunity. We are filmmakers actively making movies. We work with the best current day technology and we show you how to make films the professional way.

If you want the best, please inquire into the Course Fees and payment plans and Dates and Content

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