Sydney Content Times &  Dates Session by Session

5 Month Film School Starts Thursday 30th June 2022 - Phone 1800131166

At the end of 5 Months, you will have worked on and created a 10 – 12 minute movie

1 Thursday 30th June 2022  6.30pm – 9.30pm – Colm O’Murchu Instructor

Introduction Meet your fellow course participants . This is one of the most important factors of any course

  • 5 Month Film School Objective. – The Film Production Plan – You will make a film.
  • Setting the Goal for your Film Group – 5 Months to a completed 10 minute Short Film.
  • The Shots – Coverage – Shot Lists – Actor Blocking – Study Film
  • Production Design –  Study Film
  • How to shoot a scene (Actual demonstration of How to Shoot a Scene)

2 Tuesday Night –  12th July 2022 – 6.30pm – 9.30pm Screenplay Specialist – Greg Woodland

Story Invention Workshop: In this session we create the Story for the Film Production. We show you exactly how to create a story that grabs the audience.
Learn How to write a great story & screenplay:

  • How to get ideas for a story
  • Story generating exercises
  • Working from character
  • Building conflict
  • Using scene outlines

3 Story Invention Workshop Part Two   Tuesday Night 19th July    6.30pm – 9.30pm 

  • Scene outline exercise – writing a scene
  • Working with Improvisation
  • Creating a story concept 
  • Working in pairs to come up with a short film concept
  • Choose the best story 
  • Voluntary homework: write a scene outline for a short film based on the chosen concept.

4 Tuesday Night 26th July 6.30pm – 9.30pm   – Camera Training

How to use professional Cameras with Cinematographer Scott Jacobs .

You will learn how to operate a Professional Camera and shoot a scene

  • All Professional Film Equipment will be on site and you will work with it. 
  • Tour of Camera Equipment and Lenses and Tripod
  • Black Magic Camera and Lenses and Tripod
  • Prime lenses – 13mm – 28 mm 36 mm 70 mm
  • How to balance a Fluid Head Tripod
  • How to focus effectively using a Focus Chart
  • How to get the best F Stop
  • How to frame a shot beautifully
  • How to pan and tilt

The Session will end with shooting a 30 second scene with 3 different Camera Shots.

5 Tuesday Night 2nd August 2022  –  6.30pm – 9.30pm    Screenplay  Specialist 

  • Feedback on best scene outline (feedback given to others over the last few days)
  • Formatting your script – using Writer Duet free software to professionally format a script
  • Voluntary Homework – write a 7-10 page screenplay based on the chosen outline.
  • Best script chosen – submit scripts by deadline that Greg Sets and script is chosen 3 Days later 


6 Tuesday  Night 9th August 2022 6.30pm – 9.30pm   Using Professional Location Sound Equipment and Lighting 

 Location Sound

  • Using the Professional Sound Recorder.
  • The Shotgun Microphone – The Wind Sock – The Foam Sock
  • The Pistol Grip – The Boom Pole
  • Wireless Transmitters and Receivers – Lapel Microphones
  • Setting the right sound levels –   How to record top class Professional Sound

LIGHTING  You learn to use all of the Lighting and Gaffer Equipment

  • The Film Lights: Dedos
  • LED Lights x 3  – Amazing Lights and how they work.
  • Gels –  Spun –  Reflectors
  • How to do three point lighting on a film set.
  • The last 45 minutes –   Shoot a demo 30 second scene.

7 Tuesday Night  16th August 6.30pm – 9.30pm  –   Screenplay Workshop

Script Workshop For Scriptwriters who have written a script  – Greg Woodland

  • Review of Chosen Screenplay
  • In class editing, cutting, polishing
  • Workshop to make the screenplay better.

8 Tuesday  Night  23rd August 6.30pm – 9.30pm Screenplay Final Screenplay Specialist – Greg Woodland

  • Final review and reading of script
  • Writing dialogue – text and subtext
  • Editing exercise, in pairs
  • Writing big print (action description) – using examples from famous screenplays
  • Exercise – writing big print from live action (student acts out a scene which all students write as big print)
  • Writing is Rewriting 
  • Workshop a scene from chosen script – Writers to finish out of class

9 Tuesday  Night  30th August 6.30pm – 9.30pm  –  Casting Setup and Your Plan for Your Own Personal Film 

Colm O’Murchu and Scott Jacobs 
  • Casting Tuition: How Casting Works out:  
  • Setting up a Casting using StarNow – placing an ad for your film Casting 
  • Special Session.  How you can make your Personal Film and Plan Now 
  • Shot listing and Blocking  

10 Tuesday Night 6th September 6.30pm – 9.30pm     Production Management One 

Prepare the Movie Shoot – Scott Jacobs 

As we are getting close to the  Shoot,  the focus is now on how to produce the 10-minute film by actually producing it.

Producer Preparation –

  • Casting Book the Actors for Casting Night 
  • The Shoot Schedule – The Script shall be broken down and set into 3 Shooting Days.
  • Locations – How to lock down final locations
  • Location Scouting & Negotiation.

The Trial Shoot 8.3pm – 9.30pm   To go through the shoot organisation , we will shoot a one page scene from a Hollywood Movie with two actors on site. This will be a fun exercise that will prepare you for the 3 days of shooting.

11 Tuesday Night  13th September    6.30pm – 9.30pm   Casting Night with  Film Director – Colm O’Murchu 

Casting Night – Real Live Auditions with Real Actors – Fun

  • Work on the Casting of Actors
  • Set up the Lights and Camera and operate them
  • Use the Lapel Microphone on the actors auditioning
  • Every 10 minutes an actor is scheduled for the casting
  • Course participants get to direct the actors in the casting
  • Aprox 25 actors will attend

You will learn an invaluable skill.  You will  know how to cast a film effectively by doing it for real. This is a favourite session, as one learns how to pick the best actors from the audition.

12 Tuesday Night 20th September  2022 – 6.30pm – 9.30pm  –    Directing Actors. –  The Full Breakdown   Colm O’Murchu.

 Tonight’s focus is firmly placed on working with actors.,.Actor Blocking and how it will determine the shot list.

  • Top 10 Tips for working with actors on set.
  • How to direct Actors effectively when you are starting out.

Part Two Rehearsals with the  actual actors cast for the film.
Actors for the Short film will arrive at 7.30pm

  • Costumes for the actors finalised.
  • Rehearsals with the actors How to rehearse
  • Learn by rehearsing with the Actors

13 Tuesday Night 4th October   6.30pm – 9.30pm      

Shoot Preparations:  
 All Final Preparations for the Shoot:  Scott Jacobs

Tonight you will complete all the final preparations and the preproduction for the movie that you will shoot.

  • Final Schedule organised.
  • Final checklist for the following – Locations – Crew – Production Design
  • Equipment Set Up.
  • The Essential Crew – Itemised Director, DOP , Focus Puller, Clapper, Sound Recordist, Boom Swinger, Gaffer x 2,  Grips , Continuity Production Co-ordinator.
  • Rotations for the Shoot organised

14 Tuesday  Night 11th October  6.30pm – 8.30pm 

READY STEADY GO:   Film Equipment  Final Training Bootcamp

  • Call Sheets and how they are prepared

Final Bootcamp Practice with the camera, lighting and sound equipment to ensure you are “set-ready” and the crew works as a well oiled machine before the shoot.  


The  Three Day Film Shoot –  On Real Location Learn how to shoot a Movie by doing it for real.

15 Saturday 15th October       8am – 6pm    On Location: Shoot Day One 

You will direct a scene and  you will work as a crew member on a real film with real actors on real locations. Every person revolves through the 10 Person Crew roles over the three shooting days. A designated time is allotted for each crew role. This will be from the film script you developed and the actors you cast. 

Director & Crew Roles for the Film Shoot that you will do:

  1. Director
  2. DOP
  3. Focus Puller
  4. Clapper
  5. Sound Recordist
  6. Boom Swinger
  7. Gaffer
  8. Grips
  9. Continuity
  10. Make up

16 Tuesday Night –  18th October     6.30pm – 9.30pm  Shoot Review and Preparation for Weekend Two  Edit Session One 

First Hour 

  • Review of shooting Day One.
  • Prepare Shoot Day 2 & 3

Hour Two and Three 

  • Adobe Premier Pro Set up Preparation for Start of Post Production 
  • How to Data Manage your Footage 
  • How to sync your audio and video 
  • Prepare to edit 
  • Watch Rushes


17 Saturday 22nd October – 8am – 6pm  : Shoot Day Two On Location

2Today you will work as a crew member, as a Director and as a DOP  on a real film. Every person revolves through the 10 Person Crew roles over the three shooting days. A designated time is allotted for each crew role. This is 100% hands-on practical.

Director & Crew Roles for the Film Shoot that you will do:

  1. Director
  2. DOP
  3. Focus Puller
  4. Clapper
  5. Sound Recordist
  6. Boom Swinger
  7. Gaffer
  8. Grips
  9. Continuity
  10. Make up

18 Shoot Day Three –  Sunday 23rd October   8am – 6pm

 The Film Shoot on location

Today the Crew shoot on their own. You will work as a crew member on a real film. Every person revolves through the 10 Person Crew roles over the three shooting days. A designated time is allotted for each crew role. This is 100% hands-on practical.

The Three Week challenge:
   Edit the entire Short Film 10 minutes long Voluntary

19 Tuesday Night 1st November–  6.30pm – 9.30pm  Edit Class Two  Learn How to Edit your Film.  Tim Maine 

You learn to edit the movie, on Adobe Premiere Pro.
We currently have a video tutorial series of 11 tutorials, only available to people on the 4 Month Filmmaking Course. One must use these tutorials with the editing course lessons  and the footage from the film. This way you will edit the entire short film.

Editing a short film takes time and enthusiasm to complete outside of class time.   Therefore it is voluntary section of the course and also the edit itself is a voluntary to complete. 

Allow 20 – 30 voluntary hours over a month, to complete an edit outside of course time.

Please note that editing is a great skill to learn and there is so much work in the film and video business for talented editors. It also pays well.
Focus here for opportunity.

You will need a Laptop or Desktop computer with a minimum of 8GB of Ram and the Adobe Premiere Pro Software available from Adobe.

You learn to edit the movie, on Adobe Premier Pro.  Editing continues on the film.
You will learn how a film is edited and how to make the film look and sound professional.

  • Edit the film
  • How to edit the material into a complete scene
  • You actually edit the film on Adobe Premiere Pro

Please note that editing and colouring is a very valuable skill to learn. There is plenty of work for very good editors in the film business. Postproduction has the most jobs.

20 Tuesday 15th November 2022        6.30pm – 9.30pm  Colm O’Murchu –  Film Career and Opportunity 

After your short Film is complete, how do you find the audience and how do you find work in the film business.

  • Film Festivals and your strategy for entering
  • What is the best site for Film Festivals
  • Earning money on Stock Video Sites
  • Where is the work in the film industry
  • Your plan for getting work in the film industry
  • Film Markets and how feature films are sold and make money.

21 Tuesday Night 22nd November    – 6.30pm – 9.30pm    Edit Night Three  Finish the post on the film. 

  • Colouring the film to make the film look great.
  • Music and how to use Stock Sites to source your music.
  • Adding music to your film
  • Credits and Titles
  • Preparing for Sound Mix
  • Exporting your final Film.

22 Sound Post Tuesday 29th November      6.30pm – 9pm 

Sound Post and Music mix Session 

This is what makes the difference between a good film and a great film and will make the difference between success and not succeeding.

23  Friday Night 9th December    7pm – 10pm  The Final Night Celebration Certificates and Screening of the Film       

Screening of the complete finished film and Certificates and Indie Film Club

  • Future Opportunities
  • Screening of the Finished Completed Film
  • 5 Month Film Making Certificate” Presentation.
  • Photos of group.
  • Social Mixer and Celebration


At the end of 5 Months, you will have worked on and created a 10 – 12 minute movie that will be seen on  Online Film Channels 

      • We teach you, step by step, the process of scripting shooting casting and crewing and directing a 10 minute short film.
      • You will also learn to edit and colour, source your music and finish your film professionally.
      • You will learn the technical side of filmmaking, how to operate cameras and record professional location sound.
      • You will know exactly what to do, to make your own personal film professionally, that will attract film festivals and will make you into a Film Director and Producer
      • You will have ongoing support from Australian Film Base with after film course support, gear supply and shoot help with Scoot Jacobs 


  1. Indie Film Club Meetings  after 5 Month Film School to network and find new film projects.
  2. Numerous Film Productions that mushroom from Indie Film Club and the Film Course 
  3. Personal Coaching – one on one to help you achieve your goals.  ( Please inquire)

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