Taught by Filmmakers for Future Film Directors and Producers

Learn to make your Film  by actually working on and making a Short Film during the film course. 

  • Tuesday Nights and some Saturdays
  • Learn to Direct and Produce Your Film
  • Learn to use professional Film Equipment – supplied 
  • Thursday Nights and Some Saturdays over 4 Months 
  • 3 Day Real Shoot on Real Locations/ Film Set 
  • Reliability: We have taught filmmaking courses for 21 years in Sydney.  
  • We teach you on the Ursa Black Magic Camera, with professional Location Sound Equipment
  • Learn Casting
  • Learn  how to write a professional screenplay
  • You will make and crew on an actual film production 
  • Learn to produce and prepare your shoot
  • Learn to Edit on Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Learn to Colour on DaVinci
  • Learn to source the best music & sound design your film
  • Make new friends to collaborate with. 
  • Highest Standard and Quality Training 
  • Learn Film Directing with Film Directors Certifcate
  • Plus $1600 of Free Filmmaking Stuff /Software.
  •  Pricing/ Fees, Course Dates,& Content Please go here                                


Learn Film Directing now

You can keep your day job while totally changing your life on Saturdays and Thursday Nights on the 4 Month Film Course

Build your Network

Make new exciting friends and forge creative alliances

Rocket your Career

Become a Filmmaker now working in a job you love.                                     

The Film Instructors - Active Experienced Filmmakers

Colm O'Murchu

Colm founded Australian Film Base in 1997 and has since taught emerging film makers to make professional films. Colm has guided and instructed over the years on 175 short films made. He is currently completing production on Tabernacle 101 his new movie set for worldwide release in 2019. With a wealth of film teaching and film making experience Colm O’Murchu is one of the very best film instructors.​

Sean Smith

Sean Smith is a fanatical Film Maker. His communication skills and teaching skills are of the highest calibre. He is currently in production on his own feature film. He teaches most of the course in Melbourne

John Hresc

John has worked in the film, television and music industry for the last 25 years,and is a member of the Australian Screen Sound Guild. .During his work in Television he also collaborated with a number short filmmakers as a sound and dialogue editor, sound designer, sound supervisor and sound mixer culminating in over 20 national and international award winning short films to date.

Jack Kelly

Jack is a highly experienced cinematographer. He has worked on countless short films helping filmmakers make exceptional films. He has a detailed knowledge of the technical aspect of shooting movies. He takes the technical classes in Sydney.


MONTH ONE Screenplay & CastinG

Learn to Write a Screenplay professionally and Cast A film with Real Actors. You write a 10 minute screenplay for the film production. You experience a real casting with real actors. From the casting, you will pick actors for the Film Shoot –    Tuesday Nights 

MONTH TWO Technical Training

Learn how to use Professional Camera Lights and Sound Equipment. We use the Black Magic Ursa Camera and Sennheiser Sound equipment.   Learn how to use the equipment and how to shoot a film scene. Photo: Jack Kelly rigging a camera to a car Tuesday Nights

MONTH 3 Shoot on Real locations a Ten minute movie

Learn Film Directing and all on a Real Film Shoot.  Learn Preproduction and Production Management. You will be on Location x 4 Days.

This is a real shoot, shot on various locations. You get to do various roles including Directing and Camera Operations. You work with real actors and experience a real film shoot.   Photo form one of our film shoots Tabernacle 101         

Tuesday Nights & Saturdays

MONTH 4 Postproduction/Career

Learn to edit your film on Adobe Premiere Pro and Colour on DaVinci. You actually edit the film and source music

Create your Career Plan and find out how to get work in the film industry Tuesday Nights  

Please go to this page for Prices, Times, Dates, Course Content and Enrolment Details  

Tabernacle 101 – Teaser  for New Film made by Australian Film Base. 

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